GPR Analyzation

Ground Penetrating Radar Analyzation

We are a leader in no-destructive, non-invasive, cutting edge, geophysical testing sub-surface investigation. Our licensed professional staff provide superior services and comprehensive engineered solution to our clients around the country and in west Africa region using state of the art ground penetrating radar technologies to image the earth and concrete.

We produce accurate information pertaining to cracks, delamination, voids, honeycombing, and debonding in plain, reinforced, and post-tensioned concrete structures, including plates )slabs, pavements, walls, decks), layered plates (including concrete with asphalt overlay), columns and beams(round, square, rectangular and many I and T cross-section members), and hollow cylinder (pipes, tunnels, mine shaft liners, tanks). Our methodology can be used to locate voids in grouted tendon ducts of many types of post-tensioned structures.