Construction & Installation

We provide scalable and comprehensive Construction and installation / site work services covering all FRP Composites, Infrastructure Protection and Environmental Solutions to the oil and gas sector in Nigeria.

We provide comprehensive assistance to our Clients from contract negotiation to implementation. And as required, on a contract by contract basis, our skilled Construction and Installation Team will mobilize on site upon completion of fabrication at our yard to provide a complete installation service that leverage a field-proven methodology, together with full compliance with safety regulations and maximum operational efficiency.

We delivers projects through the appointment of qualified installation teams that work under the direction of our project manager, construction manager and site supervisors. Installation commences with the approval of the quality control manager and when the site infrastructure is ready. 

Installation procedure is undertaken in the following sequence: 

  • Field installation manpower qualification check
  • Materials arrival quality / quantity inspection
  • Review of installation method statement
  • Installation inspection report
  • As-built drawings/document

All the above work will be supervised in accordance with strict safety regulations under a trained and qualified safety officer. 

We emphasize the highest possible level of workplace safety and hygiene in all work areas. The safety officer will be required to attend all toolbox and safety related meetings as well as to convey any specific messages from the customer. We are proud of our safety record and it stands as a testament to our commitment that all employees, contractors, vendors and anyone involved in the delivery of our projects should go home safety at the end of each day.